Thank you for choosing our product from RV Intelligence.  Below is a list of our frequently asked questions and answers.  If you encounter a problem not covered in the APP INSTRUCTIONS, INSTALLATION, VIDEOS, or in this FAQ, please contact us at support@rviqproducts.com and include which phone and operating system you are using, model number and the software version numbers, along with details about your problem and/or concern.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.  We constantly evaluate and update our apps; an issue today may be resolved tomorrow with your help.

Thank you from RV Intelligence.


Is the Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control easy to install?

Yes, if you understand basic wiring and are comfortable making modifications to your RV. If that is not the case, the unit will be easy to install for a professional at your local RV service station.


Is the app for controlling the unit easy to locate?

Yes, the app can be found in the app store for all iOS-based phones and tablets (Apple products) and in Google Play for all Android devices. Simply search for RVIQMOTION and download the app to your device.

How many slides can a Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control control?

One, that way you can have as many as you need. The Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control is designed to provide automation for one 12 volt reversing electric drive motor, up to 30 amps.

How many Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control can the RVIQMOTION App control?

An unlimited number of units can be controlled from the app, operating one unit at a time for safety.

Can I use the Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control to remote control an awning?

The Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control can be used for any 12 volt, reversing motor drive system, up to 30 amps in current which generally includes all jacks, awnings, and slides.

Where do I install the Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control?

The Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control can be installed in-line any place along the wires between the manual control switch and the motor.  You must ensure access to 30 amp service.

I have a hydraulic pump slide system; can I use your Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control?

The Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control is designed to drive high current, 12 volt motor drives.  If your hydraulics require an ON/OFF switch, most likely not.


Where do you get the name WoBLR?

WoBLR is made from the words “World’s Best Level for RVs”. Our marketing team wanted to create a name that was interesting and referenced leveling; wobbling to level was the comment that generated inspiration.

What is the accuracy of a WoBLR?

The WoBLR is accurate to within a degree of tilt, if you are less than a degree of tilt in both axis the ball and cross hairs will be green. See the RVIQWoBLR App Instructions on using the Zoom function to increase or decrease observed tilt resolution.

Where should I make my WoBLR’s home?

The WoBLR can be placed anywhere in the RV, in any orientation.  The Home calibration function will determine two out of three pieces of information, determine which one it needs and prompt you, then zero out the errors and it is Home.

There are two restrictions to consider for WoBLR placement.  First the WoBLR is an inside device. It can be used outside, but is not intended to be stored outside.  Second, we prefer that you mount the WoBLR as square as possible; not perfect, but not tilted too much, or you will get an error message and be asked to try again.

What is the WoBLR’s effective working range?

We estimate that the WoBLR will connect and level within ~100 feet.  There are many factors that can change this answer, and they are technical, but since most RVs are much less than 100 feet we feel sure that you will never lose connection due to range.

Do I have to have cellular coverage, or Wi-Fi access to use the WoBLR?

No, the WoBLR is connected by Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE; you do not need to have active cellular service or Wi-Fi to connect to a WoBLR.

My Bluetooth headset cannot go 10 feet, how can your device work at 100 feet?

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a version of Bluetooth found in all smart phones developed in the last five or so years; you have it and most likely did not know it.  BLE is how health monitors and other new personal Internet of Things devices connect to your Smart Phone.

Why is there a power switch on the WoBLR?

We are RVers, when we design a product we think of RVing and the needs of RVers.  Most folks store their RVs for long periods of time.  The switch allows the battery to be completely conserved during storage.  Otherwise you would be replacing batteries about once a year, if you turn your WoBLR off when not in use, your battery could last much longer.

Can I move my WoBLR to another Vehicle?

Yes you can, but your Home and Hitch calibrations and personalized RV data would need to be re-entered.

My WoBLR turned itself off, then suddenly turned back on, what gives?

The WoBLR has hardware features to help you.  A WoBLR will automatically go into power down mode after 30 minutes; this is to save the battery if you forget to turn it off.  Also, in this state the WoBLR is motion sensitive, if it detects motion while in this state it will turn back on.  A tap of the WoBLR will wake it up, but we added this feature so you can turn on your WoBLR when you start your trip and when you arrive at your site the WoBLR will be on and connectable to allow you to see how level your vehicle is at the start, to allow you to reposition to more level ground.

We will be making video of this soon and will be posting; stay tuned.

Can I use my WoBLR right out of the box without the Holster and Home Calibration set and just set it on the floor or table?

You can. The WoBLR is factory calibrated and will show level right out of the box; BUT, most folks cannot identify a true level surface in their RV. Our WoBLR would show you not being level, even though it was, due to an unlevel floor, table, counter, etc.  Even if you attached it to the frame of the RV, you may not achieve a comfortable level, as there is no guaranteed alignment between the frame and the structure.  Frustrating, we agree, but that was the reason for Home Calibration, find your best level orientation, store it forever, and find it again every time, with the WoBLR!

Can I use my WoBLR as a general purpose level?

Yes you can, it has been used in many general purpose activities.  In camping we have found it useful to level the picnic table, the grill and always offer to show a friend/new neighbor how the WoBLR works!  In the home is has been a real value leveling appliances and tables.

I have to change my battery; will I have to re-calibrate my WoBLR?

Yes, the WoBLR is a very sensitive instrument, when you change the battery it would be a miracle to get back to the factory calibrated alignment. Our unit is that precise.  When you change the battery you must recalibrate Home Calibration.  If you want to calibrate the unit itself after battery change, you must ensure that your unit is calibrated to a known level surface.  The calibration function is the setting menu allows you to store a new factory calibration.

There is more information on factory calibration in the Installation instructions.

I have two common jacks on my 5th wheel and am not sure what to put in the jack offset data?

The offset function calculates the arc length a point on the trailer traverse based on the change in attitude of the RV.  Enter the data as requested; the offset will be accurate at all points.