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  • Wireless remote control of your RV features from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet
  • Works on ANY 12 Vdc 30 Amp (max) electric Jacks, Awnings or Slides for RVs
  • Straightforward installation - usually within an hour or less
  • Pairs exclusively with our RVIQMOTION mobile app
  • Built with RVIQMOTIONLOCK safety technology
  • 1 year manufacturer defect warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA!
  • JAS30 Remote Control

JAS30™: A Smart Solution for Smart RVers!

Have you ever wished there was a way to easily control your RV’s motorized features remotely, instead of having to walk around to every stationary control point? We did, so that’s why we invented the JAS30, the only aftermarket remote control system for your RV’s powered features. A smart product for smart RVers, the JAS30 gives you smart control right from your smart phone or tablet! Why JAS30? That’s easy! Because the JAS30 allows you to control your Jacks, Awnings, Slides, or any other 12 Vdc, 30 Amp (max) motor from an app on your smart phone or tablet. It really is that easy! Simply install* the remote control unit onto your RV’s wiring and download the RVIQMOTION app onto your Apple or Android device. When the control unit and the app are paired, you can control the feature with the touch of a button from the driver’s seat or the comfort of the campfire! You can install as many units as you would like, all of which can be controlled within the one app. And because your comfort and your safety is our top priority, we have designed the app with RVIQMOTIONLOCK technology that limits the app from engaging multiple controls simultaneously and, most critically, prevents the use of any remote control unit while the trailer is in motion.


Making the RV Life Just A Little Easier!

RV Intelligence was founded with one simple goal: to develop simple, elegant solutions to some of the small, persist hassles we encountered during our RV experiences. The JAS30 was our first idea and, frankly, we still think it’s one of our best! Developed by RVers for RVers, the JAS30 is made and manufactured (as much as possible) right here in the United States of America. Once you have identified which 12 Vdc, 30 Amp (max) features you would like to control remotely, getting each JAS30 unit installed and set up is surprisingly straightforward and requires only three easy steps:

  1. Install* the JAS30 Remote Control into your RV’s wiring system for every selected unit
  2. Download and install the RVIQMOTION™ app on your Apple or Android phone or tablet
  3. Pair the app and the control unit using our easy-to-follow pairing instructions

That’s it. Once the app and control unit are paired, you can control the powered feature right from your smart phone or tablet, from the comfort of the fireside or right from the driver’s seat. It really is as easy as that! * Installing the JAS30 remote control device involves working with your RV’s electrical wiring system. Wiring systems and electrical units are dangerous and should only be altered by a knowledgeable professional. Therefore, we highly recommend having the remote controls professionally installed by your local RV service provider. However, we do provide installation instructions here for those individuals who have experience with RV wiring systems.


RV Intelligence: Smart RV Products for Smart RVers

At RV Intelligence, we offer Smart RV Products for Smart RVers. We specialize in after-market products designed to minimize the small headaches and stresses associated with RVing so you can get to the fun faster! To purchase your JAS30 or any one of our amazing RV products, please visit one of our growing family of retailers across the United States and Canada, or contact us for additional information!


Our SUPPORT section is here to help.

App Instructions

Need some help with the RVIQMOTION App. Our RVIQWoBLR App Instructions will guide you through the app setup. Get the latest RVIQMOTION App from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple). Consult your phone manufacturer for instructions on how to download apps to your particular device.

Get the RVIQMotion App


Is the Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control easy to install?

Yes, if you understand basic wiring and are comfortable making modifications to your RV. If that is not the case, the unit will be easy to install for a professional at your local RV service station.

Is the app for controlling the unit easy to locate?

Yes, the app can be found in the app store for all iOS-based phones and tablets (Apple products) and in Google Play for all Android devices. Simply search for RVIQMOTION and download the app to your device.

How many slides can a Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control control?

One, that way you can have as many as you need. The Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control is designed to provide automation for one 12 volt reversing electric drive motor, up to 30 amps.

How many Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control can the RVIQMOTION App control?

An unlimited number of units can be controlled from the app, operating one unit at a time for safety.

Can I use the Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control to remote control an awning?

The Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control can be used for any 12 volt, reversing motor drive system, up to 30 amps in current which generally includes all jacks, awnings, and slides.

Where do I install the Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control?

The Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control can be installed in-line any place along the wires between the manual control switch and the motor.  You must ensure access to 30 amp service.

I have a hydraulic pump slide system; can I use your Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control?

The Smart RV JAS30 Remote Control is designed to drive high current, 12 volt motor drives.  If your hydraulics require an ON/OFF switch, most likely not.

Have more questions? Contact us at info@rviqproducts.com.


While installation is relatively easy for someone with electrical wiring experience, we recommend anyone that is not already familiar with the wiring of their RV have the unit professionally installed at their local RV service provider. Current product installation instructions are available here.


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Where to Buy

To purchase your JAS30 Remote Control or any one of our amazing RV products, please visit one of our growing family of retailers across the United States and Canada, or contact us for additional information!


To become an Authorized Distributor, contact us at sales@rviqproducts.com.

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