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JAS5™ Remote Control

Control Your Powered RV Features Easily and Effortlessly!

It may be hard to believe, but setting up, taking down, and adjusting your powered RV features just got even easier! The JAS5™ aftermarket remote control system by RV Intelligence delivers wireless remote control of your RV features from your smartphone or tablet. Appropriate for any feature powered by a 12 Vdc 5 Amp (max) motor such as electric jacks, awnings, slides, valves, hose reel, winches. This incredible remote control works with our innovative RVIQMOTION™ mobile app on both Android and Apple devices.


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JAS30™ Remote Control

Making the RV Life Just A Little Easier!

Have you ever wished there was a way to easily control your RV’s motorized features remotely, instead of having to walk around to every stationary control point? We did, so that’s why we invented the JAS30, the only aftermarket remote control system for your RV’s powered features. A smart product for smart RVers, the JAS30 gives you smart control right from your smart phone or tablet! Why JAS30? That’s easy! Because the JAS30 allows you to control your Jacks, Awnings, Slides, or any other 12 Vdc, 30 Amp (max) motor from an app on your smart phone or tablet.


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Hitch PinLeash™

Never Lose Your Hitch Pin or Clip Again with the Hitch PinLeash™

Whether you RV a few times a summer or you are an avid year-rounder, you know the frustration that comes from losing your hitch pin. As enthusiastic RVers ourselves, we’ve lost count of the number of times we have lost a pin and we bet you have too. That’s why we designed the Hitch PinLeash, an ingeniously simple solution for this all-too-common problem!


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Smart RV Level measuring tool with Apple and Android Control Application

Getting your RV perfectly level used to be a time-consuming hassle, time that could be spend enjoying the RV life with family and friends. Now, with just a few easy steps, the WoBLR makes leveling your RV and reconnecting to your hitch quick and easy.


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