We are proud RVers who are dedicated to the creation of useful items that will make your RVing life a little easier.

RV Intelligence is a manufacturer of aftermarket products and accessories for Recreational Vehicles located in Longwood, FL.

We are passionate RVers, our products originate from our own camping experiences. We needed and wanted products that did not exist, or could only be found on high-end RVs, so we made our own. Now we are sharing these products with everyone, we hope they enhance your camping experience too. We utilize the latest technology to offer a level of convenience and features that hasn't previously existed in every RV.

Our goal is to bring useful products, at reasonable prices, that solves challenges in your camping experience, we want to create: Smart RV Products for Smart RVers.

Our vision is to become a strategic member of the RV products community by providing value to our customers and partners, while ensuring that we stay true to our heritage as RVers in all of our endeavors. So we set ourselves on a mission to enjoy the RV culture and lifestyle to enable us to have the insight to provide innovative products that enhance the recreational vehicle experience and via these products we will be able to contribute back to the RVer community.

We are a 100% authentic startup, a husband and wife investing it all in our dream. We share all the fun that couples have camping, our products are born from necessity and conflict, the mother and father of invention. With our friends we have formed a unique firm, with the ability to create and produce those products. We design our products, write the apps and manufacture as much as possible in the US.

Please share your thoughts and opinions on our products directly with Vicky and I, either by sending us an e-mail, or find us at a camp ground some weekend and come sit by the fire and chat!

Thank you from Herb and Vicky Gingold, proprietors of RV Intelligence.